17 - 19 April, 2018 | London, UK

Meet the Speakers

Major General Reinhard  Wolski
Major General Reinhard Wolski
Chief of Army Development
German Army
Major General Glenn A Bramhall
Major General Glenn A Bramhall
Special Assistant to the Director Army National Guard
US National Guard
Major General Antoine  Windeck
Major General Antoine Windeck
Head of the Joint Centre for Concepts, Doctrines and Experimentation
French Ministry of Defence
Brigadier General David P.  Komar
Brigadier General David P. Komar
Director of Capabilities Developments Directorate ARCIC
US Army
Brigadier General Randall A.  McIntire
Brigadier General Randall A. McIntire
Commandant of Army Air Defense Artillery School
US Fires Center of Excellence
Colonel Jan Blom
Colonel Jan Blom
Chief of Ground Based Air Defence
Royal Netherlands Army
Colonel Carl L.  Bergmann
Colonel Carl L. Bergmann
Director of TCM-Stryker Brigade Combat Team
US Maneuver Center of Excellence
Missile Defence Advocacy Alliance
Riki Ellison
Chairman and Founder
Missile Defence Advocacy Alliance
Colonel Christophe  Michel
Colonel Christophe Michel
Secretary General
, French SGDSR
Lieutenant-Colonel Nikolas  Scholtka
Lieutenant-Colonel Nikolas Scholtka
Commander of Airborne Trafficking Group 61
German Air Force
Miguel  Ramos
Miguel Ramos
Air and Land Combat Systems Program
Lieutenant Colonel Luis  Algara
Lieutenant Colonel Luis Algara
Chief of Department of Tactics, Techniques and Gunnery
Spanish Army
Dr. Darren  Ansell
Dr. Darren Ansell
Space and Aerospace Engineering Lead
University of Central Lancashire
Dr. Ing. Miroslav  Kratky
Dr. Ing. Miroslav Kratky
Department of Air Defence Systems
University of Defence in Brno
Nic Jenzen Jones
Nic Jenzen Jones
Armament Research Services ARES
Major Hendrikus  Bouwhuis
Major Hendrikus Bouwhuis
Staff Officer for Countering Drones at Air Innovation Centre
Royal Netherlands Air Force
Steve Sin
Steve Sin
Senior Researcher
University of Maryland
Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Eng. Guillermo Jenaro de Mencos
Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Eng. Guillermo Jenaro de Mencos
Head of Engineering, Aerial Platforms at Logistic Command
Dr. Christian  Coman
Dr. Christian Coman
Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Brigadier General Henrik  Sommer
Brigadier General Henrik Sommer
Assistant Chief of Staff for Capability Engineering and Innovation
Commander Joe  Strassberger
Commander Joe Strassberger
Staff Officer Concept Development Branch
Colonel Petro  Kulbida
Colonel Petro Kulbida
Chief of EW Directorate
Colonel Giles H  Malec
Colonel Giles H Malec
Commander Joint-GBAD
Colonel Klaus
Colonel Klaus
Dr. Peter Sapaty
Dr. Peter Sapaty
Chief Research Scientist
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Colonel David  Shank
Colonel David Shank
Commander, 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command,
US Army