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Infographic - Counter UAS Worldwide Survey Results - How Worried are Militaries About the Threat of Small UAS?

How Worried are Militaries About the Threat of Small UAS? Recent incidents involving the use of small, hostile UAS by terrorist organisations in Syria and Iraq and regular armies in eastern Ukraine, coupled with rapidly expanding drone industries outside of NATO, have raised serious questions about whether the armed forces...

Counter UAS Efforts - An Interactive Timeline

Counter UAS Efforts - An Interactive TimelineThe threat of small commercial unmanned aerial systems as a means of transporting explosives or surveillance to military units is becoming prevalent among Daesh militants in the Middle East.  Here Defence IQ looks at some of the recent incidents reported and the technological solutions...

Counter UAS Attendee List 2017

Take a look at who is attending Counter-UAS 2017 today!

Countering UAS: Focus on procurement

UAS have become in the past decade lower, smaller and slower, and overall harder to detect. This is posing an increasing threat to the military, as adversaries have begun to employ them for intelligeance gathering and offensive tactics.Ahead of the annual Counter-UAS conference, we surveyed a wide range of experts...

Countering UAS: Why techniques and tactics matter as much as the solutions

The threat of UAS requires the militaries to adapt their strategy and think of new ways to mitigate the risk they pose on the battlefield. There is not only a need to procure the right solutions, but also to integrate them fully into the existing troops to maximise their counter-uas...

UK Joint-GBAD perspective on counter-UAS: Exclusive insight from Colonel Giles Malec

The development of unmanned technologies is advancing at a increasingly rapid pace, encompassing simplified operation, increased UAS payload, enhanced navigation capabilities, and reduced manufacturing costs. The potential for non-state actors to employ UAS against friendly troops is growing and militaries are exploring ways to enhance SHORAD against low, small and...

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Rinicom Flies High with Second Queen’s Award

Lancaster-based company Rinicom Ltd. has received the prestigious Queen’s Award For Enterprise, for International Trade for a second time.